Cognitive psychology holds the key to business success


Both private and public corporations are in an urgent need of tools to accelerate behavior change. Nudging is a globally acknowledged no. 1 tool for making behavior change and business results, easy to achieve. The biggest behavioral challenges of today is, our limited ability to translate good ambitions into measurable actions within e.g. sustainability, innovation and digital transformation. But insights and behavior change methods build on cognitive psychology can help change that. If cognitive psychology is implemented, like small nudges in our surroundings,  we can change human decision making in predictable ways. Nudging aims at making the right decisions the easy ones. But to make the right decisions easy, we need to understand what drives human decision making. Most decisions are based on subconscious cognitive processes in the brain. Processes that use the surroundings and immediate input to determine how to behave. We do that simply to save mental energy. However, in busy everyday lives, settings, surroundings and systems often do not match subconscious decision- making processes and our good intentions fails.

The purpose of Elephant Trail is to empower you, the leader of the future to master cognitive psychology, nudge theory and step-by step methods for changing the behavior of citizens, consumers and employees. And through behavioral impact meet the needs of a digital and sustainable future and drive business results and success.


To learn more about how cognitive psychology what the clip “System 1 &2” here