Nudge to reduce drink driving


68% of the world’s population admits to having driven after drinking. After having just one beer the risk of getting in an accident increases by 40%. However, drink-driving almost never happens as a conscious choice. It is a matter of how well the bar environment supports and nudges us to stick to our good intentions of being responsible. The bar environments should either help us to stick to non-alcoholic drinks or to using alternative means of transportation.

After taking over the Formula 1 sponsorship, Heineken was determined to activate bar environments in order to reduce drink-driving when launching the campaign “When You Drive Never Drink”. To ensure immediate impact and to accelerate the implementation,  Heineken launched a global behavior change program using bar nudges to drive change in consumer behavior.

The first nudges were implemented into 10 bars in the UK, where several nudge solutions were tested. Here cognitive triggers and biases related to social norms, priming, and anchoring were tested. Triggers using imagery, wording, and visual guides to facilitate and nudge to behavior change amongst drivers

In the UK the implemented nudges led to a reduction in drink-driving by 50% and provided Heineken with solutions, scalable and implementable across markets for both Europe, The US, and Asia. This nudge-way of working has helped Heineken to spark a global transformation in the way they prevent and address drink-driving. Click to see more nudge examples here