Use feedback mechanisms to nudge and create measurable impact


How do you decide which nudges to use and the best way to implement them?

The majority of human behavior is driven by automatic patterns, instincts, and routines. Nudging is a method that makes it easy to change these patterns, effectively and on a daily basis. This makes nudge an effective tool that empowers organizations and leaders when implementing strategies, innovation, and change. To do so, we have to be able to prioritize and decide which nudges to implement and the best way to go about the design and implementation. Developing a strategic roadmap based on a behavioral design approach is a way of speeding up a change in behavior in traditional change processes.

When nudging, feedback mechanisms play a crucial role. Feedback allows us to know when we are doing the right thing and makes us feel at ease. Feedback is critical for learning. Sadly, we handle abstract or delayed feedback poorly. Good feedback is clear and present and should always be layered as close to the relevant situation as possible. By doing so we make doing the right thing, easy.  To see inspirational examples on feedback mechanisms and nudge click here