Nudge to optimize road safety


When ensuring traffic safety and changing the behavior of car drivers and bike riders we don’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’. Good solutions are already out there, waiting to be identified and transferred into new contexts. In Denmark, more than 80% of the population ride a bicycle regularly. The increased amount of bike riders has forced the Danes to design roads that can nudge to good interactions between car drivers, bike riders, and pedestrians. A development that makes Denmark a great place to start looking for a scalable solution that can be transferred to e.g. American cities.
The following two solutions especially hold great potential when designing to reduce left and right turn accidents:
The bike lights; A separate set of lights for bike riders only, programmed to turn green before the regular lights allowing the bike riders to get a head-start and out of the way before cars start turning.

Dotted driving lanes: Disrupting the general look and design of the road – making car drivers extra alert in areas where pedestrians and bike riders might be entering the driving lanes.


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