Nudge to change habits – System 1 & 2


As described by Daniel Kahneman, 90% of human decision-making is automatically controlled by instincts and surroundings in the moment of choice. The rest (10% of human decision-making) is reflectively controlled by knowledge and education.

In order to successfully change habits, increase good decision-making we have to design and communicate to the 90% of human decision-making that is driven by unconscious processes. Doing so requires a methodology that takes human instincts into consideration.

The step-by-step method by Nudge and behavioral Design Expert, Sille Krukow, allows us to document, describe and design to the 90% of decision-making that happens subconsciously. It provides us with an unbiased picture of consumer decisions, relevant influencers, and a behavioral focused framework to build communication and design around.

Krukow uses simple nudges to help people go from ambition to action and drive positive behavior change. A nudge can be any aspect of choice architecture that alters people’s behavior in a predictable way without any enforcement. An example of a nudge can be to place the fruit and vegetables at eye level in supermarkets or adding a countdown on pedestrian traffic lights to make sure that pedestrians wait until the light turns green. To see the clip about decision-making systems by Kahneman and Krukow click here